Points to consider before choosing a web host

Points to consider before choosing a web host

Today with the ever growing number of web hosting companies to choose from, everyone should be able to find the perfect package to suit their needs. But if you are new to the internet, the vast range of choices out there can be quite confusing.

What features do you really need and what can you do without? Why should you choose a particular hosting company over another? These are just a few different web hosting problems that can be confusing if you are new to the web hosting scene. Hopefully this article will help you make an informed decision when you are ready to choose your hosting host.

STORAGE: Your storage requirements will be determined by the type of website you have. For example, if your website is nothing more than a personal online game, the servers problem should not be a major issue. If you have something more grandiose in mind say a business or ecommerce website that grows over time make sure your web hosting company has a package that not only meets your current space requirements but is also suitable for future growth or can be easily upgraded.

BANDWIDTH: This is a measure of how much data is allowed to flow between your website and the rest of the internet. Again if your site is commercial in nature or generates a large stream of traffic, you need a hosting company that provides ample bandwidth. Also, be aware that many web hosting services claim that they provide unlimited bandwidth but, in fact, rarely does. And if you exceed your assigned bandwidth, most web hosting providers will get you a penalty.

SUPPORT: It is a saying that a hosting company is just as good as its support. If you do your search for a hosting company with this in mind you really can not go far wrong. Keep in mind that most web hosting companies claim 24/7 technical support. But how is this? After all, as is often the case today, it is hard to tell where the truth lies and where lies lie well. But one way to get around this is to test run the web hosting team you have in mind. The value of this test test is to measure the response time of the web hosting support department, as well as their level of competence. Keep in mind that a support team with an indifferent attitude to new business you is highly unlikely to get better when they have you on board.

SERVER PARAMETERS: All hosting services that are worth their salt should have an uptime of up to 97% or more. This simply means that your hosting server is running at least 97% of the time. I mean you can imagine what would happen to your business if your hosting server is down 20% of the time. Your customers with the faster mouse button will turn to your competition to satisfy their needs. Other important server issues that you have to keep in mind are the number of servers the company actually has and the type of websites that exist on a particular server.

Why should you worry about what types of websites are hosting? Well, you would not want to compete for bandwidth with adult websites. This is not a matter of morality ... its just that adult places are wellknown bandwidth pigs. Sharing servers with them will significantly slow down page load speed another great way to lose customers.

Again, you should ask about how many websites host a given server and when web hosts consider a server to be full that is, can not host any more sites without impairing disability. Over hosting happens quite often, because many web hosting services usually transfer their servers. Most of them get away with it until the day a sufficient number of websites actually do well on their full bandwidth allocation / storage and then ... Ouch! Thus, your website will feel if it is hosted on such a server.

Another aspect to consider if your web host is ... where are the servers physically located? Although rarely happens ever, if web hosting is missing redundancy or backup, if any drastic event occurs on the servers, your online presence goes on. This scenario really happened: At the World Trade Center when 9/11 occurred.

WEB STATE: Traffic is the lifeblood of any internet store. Being able to track and analyze where traffic comes from is a big advantage. Having such a tool at your disposal would enable you to make correct and informed changes to your site in order to better position it for even more traffic. Lots of web hosting companies provide such tracking and analysis tools with their various packages ... even the 4dollaramonth or less, hosting services. So theres really no reason for you to settle for a hosting company that lacks this feature.

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